Getting Headaches at Night? Here’s What Your Body’s Trying to Tell You

Woman in bed with a headache looking at smartphone

1. You’re Grinding Your Teeth as Headache

Headache is a common symptom of teeth grinding. The coronavirus pandemic has caused enough psychological stress that more people are suffering from teeth grinding and jaw pain, according to a 2020 study in the ​Journal of Clinical Medicine​.

If you grind your teeth (you may not be truly aware of it, but your dentist might ask you at your next appointment if your teeth show signs), then you may need a mouth guard to protect your teeth from damage.

Developing a stress-management plan — as best as you’re able in these trying times — can help you release angst rather than constantly clenching.

2. You Have a Headache Disorder

Migraine, tension and cluster headaches are the three big categories of headaches.

“These can happen at any time, including nighttime, and are triggered by various factors, like poor sleep or too much sleep, food, medications and stress,” Dr. Dasgupta says.

You don’t have to live in pain. If headaches are striking often, jot down how they feel — a good description can help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis.

Migraine headaches are characterized by throbbing sensations, are often severe and the onset may come with an aura (like seeing flashing lights), Dr. Dasgupta says. Tension headaches are like a band around your head. Finally, cluster headaches are burning and piercing, aptly called “ice pick” headaches.

3. It’s a True Emergency

If you can describe your headache as “the worst headache of my life,” that’s a buzzword that perks up an emergency physician’s ears, Dr. Dasgupta says. One potential cause is a ruptured brain aneurysm that can lead to a brain bleed, which is life-threatening.

Get help immediately and tell emergency personnel that, yes, this is “the worst headache of my life.”

4. You Have Anxiety or Depression

By the evening, everything from the day has come to a head. While you can experience symptoms of anxiety or depression at any time of the day, for some people, they may be especially acute once the day is over.

Headaches themselves can indicate that someone is suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, per the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. What’s more, people who have more severe symptoms of mood disorders are also more likely to have migraines, March 2018 research in the journal ​Headache​ shows.

There are medications that can treat both headaches and anxiety or depression. Talk to your doctor.

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How to Eat Healthy

Changing how you eat is a major step towards being healthier. There’s more to a balanced diet than simply eating your fruits and vegetables, so knowing what foods to look out for will help you create a nutrition plan that strengthens your body and makes you feel better overall. Proper nutrition can give you more energy and can provide lots of other benefits, such as lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and less stress.

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Movie Review: What the Health

The long-awaited sequel to Cowspiracy from producers Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn has arrived – and it does not disappoint. The film follows Andersen as he interviews doctors, health professionals and others about diet and health. The film examines the connection between the meat, dairy and pharmaceutical industries, as well as various health organizations. Andersen tries to contact representatives from various producers health organizations, but is either fobbed off or comes away dissatisfied with their responses.
Some of the claims made in the film include the following:

Eating 1 egg per day is just as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes per day for life expectancy.

The USDA admitted that eggs cannot legally be labelled as nutritious, low fat, part of a balanced diet, low calorie, healthful, healthy, good for you, or safe.
Milk does not build strong bones.
There is a strong link between dairy foods and autoimmune diseases.
Most people in the world are lactose intolerant.
Countries with the highest rates of dairy consumption have the highest rates of osteoporosis.
Dairy is linked to many different types of cancer.
The number one source of saturated fat is dairy.
Most of the world’s GMO crops are consumed by livestock with dairy cows consuming the most per animal.
93% of dioxin exposure comes from eating animal products.
The pharmaceutical industry sells 80% of all antibiotics made in the United States to animal agriculture.
One serving of processed meat per producers day increases the risk of developing diabetes by 51%.
The leading source of sodium in the American diet for adults is chicken.
The number one dietary source of cholesterol in America is chicken.
Diabetes is not caused by eating a high carbohydrate diet or sugar.
The amount of people who die from cardiovascular disease is equivalent to four jumbo jets crashing every single hour, every single day, every single year.
Within minutes of eating dead meat bacteria toxins, the body gets a burst of inflammation, stiffening or paralyzing the arteries.
You can stop and reverse heart disease with plant-based diets.
174 consecutive patients with high blood pressure were put on a plant based diet, and all lowered their blood pressure enough to eliminate the need for medication.
The strategy of the meat, dairy & egg industry is to confuse the public and to introduce doubt, not unlike the tobacco industry.
There are no studies showing that eating eggs and meat in moderation can turn your heart disease around and improve it.

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Limit junk foods and processed foods.

Although there is a wide range of processed foods (including both nutritious and unhealthy options), many are higher in calories, fat, sugar, and preservatives.
Most health experts recommend limiting processed foods or junk foods or eating them in moderation. Although they may not be the most nutritious choice, the occasional treat is appropriate.
Choose wisely when you’re eating more indulgent items. Foods like chips, crackers, sweetened beverages, frozen meals, fast food, pastries, or sweets shouldn’t be a daily occurrence.
There are plenty of foods that are still considered very healthy and nutritious yet are still considered “processed.” These are OK to eat on a regular basis. Some items include: canned vegetables (look for cans that say “low-sodium”), frozen vegetables and fruit, pre-washed lettuce and salad greens, and dairy products.

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When it comes to your saltwater fishing trip, you’ll need a boat. Most charters will provide you with a boat if you’ve opted to hire one. Depending on the time of year, you may be required to bring your own fuel for the trip. Most game fishing charters will supply you with the fuel as well as the necessary supplies for your boat. You’ll also need a boat permit, which is a valid state issued identification card that proves you are the legal owner of the vessel. The boat permit shows where you last used the vessel and how long you’ve owned it.

Once you arrive at the site, you’ll meet up with your charter agent and he will show you the ropes. He will teach you all about saltwater fishing and give you tips on the best times of the year to fish. He will teach you about the best lures and baits and help you choose the right equipment to use during your hunt. Your charter agent can also help you decide where you should fish and point you in the right direction.

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For instance, if you have a light tackle set, your tackle box won’t hold a lot of fish. To solve this problem, you’ll need to rent some heavy duty tackle to go with your light tackle. Some casino sites offer discounts on saltwater fishing tackle when you become a member. If you’re planning on bringing your own gear, consider buying an extra set for each night that you fish. Consider buying some nice, large plastic bags to store your catches so that they are easy to carry back to your lodge. A little preparation never hurts, so remember to pack in your fishing gear before heading out to the casinos.


The simple way to know what vitamins and supplements to take

The 16 essential minerals
In addition to the 13 essential vitamins your body needs, there are 16 essential minerals, all of which you might recognize from the periodic table. Unlike vitamins, minerals are “inorganic,” meaning they do not contain a carbon atom.

Macrominerals are the minerals that your body needs in relatively large amounts; trace minerals are those that your body needs in small amounts. The essential macrominerals are calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and sulfur. The trace minerals your body requires are iron, zinc, iodine, chromium, copper, fluoride, molybdenum, manganese, and selenium.

Other important nutrients
Another nutrient to note is choline, which is widely understood to play a critical role in nerve and brain function. Meat, eggs and poultry are all excellent sources of choline. Strict vegetarians may want to consider taking a choline supplement.

Each of the essential vitamins and mineral plays a complex set of roles in the body. Magnesium, for example, is a vital element in over 300 biochemical reactions, ranging from protein synthesis to nerve function. It is not hard to imagine the broad potential for health symptoms to arise from a deficiency in this one mineral.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, there are other nutrients that are backed by established research, including omega-3 fatty acids. Additionally, antioxidants such as CoQ-10, are gaining recognition for their essential role in the healthy function and immunity of the body’s cells. These examples represent opportunities to improve wellness beyond the basics of vitamin and mineral intake.

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The simple way to know what vitamins and supplements to take

Almost everyone has some experience with vitamins, even if the last ones you took were shaped like a cartoon family. However, with thousands of products on the market, the process of choosing the right vitamins and supplements can be overwhelming. The process is made even more complicated by contradicting information and misleading advertising. You know there is a way to improve your long-term health, but how can you make sure you are taking the right vitamins and supplements?

The key is to know what essential vitamin and nutrients to look out for, to carefully assess your diet, and to consider how your lifestyle and long-term health goals come into play. Remember that vitamin and supplements are not meant to replace a healthy diet. Beyond nutrients, fresh fruits and vegetables provide antioxidants, phytochemicals, and fiber, all of which are important.

Know the vitamin and minerals your body needs
### The 13 essential vitamin At the most basic level, vitamins are essential organic substances your body’s cells require to function, grow, develop and heal properly. (In this context, “organic” means they contain the element carbon.) There are 13 “essential vitamin”: vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and the B vitamins, B6, B12, biotin, folate, niacin, pantothenic acid, riboflavin, and thiamine. A major deficiency in any one of these vitamin could lead to serious health problems.

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6 vitamins and supplements that increase energy and fight fatigue

Whether you’re gearing up to seize the day, power through an afternoon slump, or hit the gym, caffeine is a time-tested source of energy. According to a 2012 report from the FDA, caffeine is the most common psychoactive substance in the world. (Worried what a psychoactive substance is? It’s the scientific term for any substance that affects the mind–even if only slightly.)

Don’t get us wrong: sometimes coffee is the answer, and we can’t deny its health benefits when used in moderation. Unfortunately, when used excessively, caffeine is associated with unpleasant side effects, including heart palpitations, insomnia, and indigestion. While there is no shortage of caffeinated drinks promising to amp up your energy and increase your focus, you should know that there are alternatives available.

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เทคโนโลยีพิเศษที่รังสรรค์คิดค้นวิจัย และผลิตจากขบวนการสังเคราะห์

ลามิน่าฟิล์ม คือ ฟิล์มกรองแสงกันความร้อนคุณภาพสูงสุดจากสหรัฐอเมริกา ผลิตโดย CPFilms โรงงานผู้ผลิตฟิล์มกรองแสง ชั้นนำที่ใหญ่ และทันสมัยที่สุดในโลก ในฐานะผู้เชี่ยวชาญฟิล์มกรองแสงกันความร้อนทุกประเภท ทั้งฟิล์มติดรถยนต์ ฟิล์มอาคาร ฟิล์มนิรภัย และฟิล์มปกป้องสีรถ มายาวนานกว่า 65 ปี ตั้งแต่ ค.ศ. 1955 ลามิน่าฟิล์ม ได้ริเริ่มสร้างสรรค์นวัตกรรมมากมาย
จนได้รับการยอมรับให้เป็นผู้นำฟิล์มกรองแสงอันดับ 1 ของเมืองไทยด้วย 4 พันธกิจหลัก คือ L-Innovation ผู้นำนวัตกรรมฟิล์มระดับโลก L-Service ผู้นำบริการมาตรฐานสากล L-CSR ผู้นำสร้างสรรค์สังคมไทยให้น่าอยู่ L-Fact ผู้นำการเสนอข้อเท็จจริงที่ถูกต้อง

เทคโนโลยีพิเศษที่รังสรรค์คิดค้นวิจัย และผลิตจากขบวนการสังเคราะห์ เนื้อฟิล์มระดับอนุภาคเมทัลลิคอัลลอยบริสุทธิ์ 100% แบบ Magnetron Sputtering Vacuum Coating ด้วยการเหนี่ยวนำประจุไฟฟ้าให้อะตอมโลหะ เรียงตัวบนเนื้อฟิล์ม ในสภาวะสูญญากาศ ผสานผลึกคริสตัลใส และชั้น Pressure Sensitive Adhesion ชนิด Hi – Performance รวมซ้อนกันถึง 6 ชั้น กำเนิดเป็นชั้นเนื้อฟิล์มเหนี่ยวแน่น ทนทาน ให้สัมผัสแนบสนิทกับกระจก เพื่อเพิ่มประสิทธิภาพการลดความร้อนจากแสงแดดจริงได้สูงขึ้นถึง 60% ทั้งกันรอยขีดข่วน และลดอันตรายกรณีกระจกแตกได้ระดับ AAA จนได้รับการยอมรับให้เป็นฟิล์มยอดนิยมของผู้ใช้รถทั่วโลก

ลามิน่าฟิล์มทุกรุ่นปลอดสนิม และผ่านการทดสอบตามมาตฐานวิธีการของ AIMCAL และ ASTM

* เป็นค่าทดสอบจริงจากโรงงานผู้ผลิตตามวิธีการ ASHRAE โดย Parry Moon, J. of The Franklin Institute 230, PP.583-618 (1940)
** ทดสอบค่ารังสียูวีที่ความยาวคลื่น 300-380 nm ที่ Air Mass 2

การทดสอบการลดปริมาณความร้อน โดยวัดจากแสงแดดโดยตรงจะได้ผลที่ถูกต้องกว่าการวัดปริมาณความร้อนจากไฟสปอตไลท์ เนื่องจากความร้อนจากแหล่งกำเนิดทั้งสองมีลักษณะแตกต่างกันอย่างสิ้นเชิง

ฟิล์มติดรถยนต์ ราคาถูกมาก