Films To Make You Happy

shawshank redemption

Films that make us happy. Tough question. It can depend entirely on the day of the week, a particular mood, a desire for a specific genre or type of story.

But I do know that films offer at least one of our outlets when we turn to entertainment as a means to lift our mood. But, choosing ten, twenty, or in this case twenty-five movies that make us happy is an almost impossible task given the very unique and personal reasons why we choose a film to make us happy in the first place. There’s a multitude of questions we might ask,

some of them we may answer to ourselves on a subconscious level. Do we need cheering up (a happy story), do we need to escape (fantasy or horror that pummel the senses), do we need to see tragedy that mimics our own lives (the feeling of not being alone), or outwardly unhappy stories that numb our own issues and make them feel less problematic. It’s a minefield and a conundrum that won’t be answered here.

What films make you happy?
The 25 Films To Make You Happy list presented below is a collection of movies that work that magic trick on me without fail. There’s a few controversial choices and some very obvious ones, but what these films do (in varying degrees) is lift the spirit through their idealistic characters, intricate and original interpretations of the world we live in, optimism that is often shrouded in sadness and tragedy, uplifting endings, comedy and romance and singing and dancing. This list, like any other, says more about the person making it than it does about the films themselves. But hopefully, there will be more than a few gems in the following twenty-five films, that have the same effect on you that they have on me.