Going Green Gets Serious: The Zero Energy Home

Center-hall Colonial style home

In 2020 and beyond, concern for a healthy living environment and a dedication to its care will be more the norm than a trend. With engineers and designers rethinking the way they build in the face of climate change, the attention will be on eco-friendly materials and designs, energy efficiency, using fewer resources and tighter, higher-insulated buildings.

We will see more buildings and homes in tune with nature and yet open to smart technology for greater energy efficiency. New advancements in technology are allowing more people to build and live in “zero energy” homes – which combines more thoughtful home design and superior building systems with energy efficiency and alternative energy sources, such as solar panels.

Leading the pack is California, which will start requiring all new builds – single-family homes and multi-family residences – to include solar panels. With this move California is expected to add 100,000 a year of zero net energy homes to the current U.S. total of about 5,000 zero net energy single-family homes.

There’s no looking back. Zero net energy homes are here to stay!