Spoiler alert! This romantic drama begins with PERSONAL TASTE : Park Kae In, who is a furniture designer and the daughter of a famous architect who designs traditional houses Sanggojae. She meets Jeon Ji Ho on her way to an exhibition to sell her furniture. She hits him and breaks his miniature design (mockup) which he also wanted to present at the exhibition.

Long story short, Jeon Ji Ho is going to compete with Chang Ryeol, who is Park Kae In’s boyfriend, to get the tender project Art Museum for his architectural design. Jeon Ji Ho has a dream of becoming a successful architect to get back his home after being taken from him some years ago by the father of Chang Ryeol.

PERSONAL TASTE As his reference, he has to research one the best architectural designs, which is Sanggojae, which is made by the father of Park Kae In, where she is living now. He insists on living in Sanggojae with Park In Kae that he even pretends to be gay to have a room in her house. The innocent Park Kae In eventually approves since she is not to be worried about his presence because of his sexual preference. In return, she also gets money from renting her room which can be used to pay the debt.

On the other hand, Chang Ryeol betrays Park Kae In, and he wants to get married to her best friend, Kim In Hee, who is even living in her house as her roommate for her own intention. This backstreet relationship breaks her heart, but she is still hoping to find someone who is reliable and kind-hearted.

Since Jeon Ji Ho and Park Kae In live together in Sanggojae, the two of them share happiness and sadness with each other. They are starting to develop feelings for each other, especially Jeon Ji Ho. Will Jin Ho reveal his real identity? How will their parents react?