Bait is a 2012 It featured Sharni Vinson, Phoebe Tonkin

Bait 3D

Bait is a 2012 Australian-Singaporean 3D horror film. It was directed by Kimble Rendall based on the screenplay by John Kim and Russell Mulcahy. It featured Sharni Vinson, Phoebe Tonkin, Xavier Samuel, Julian McMahon, Cariba Heine and Alex Russell.

Doyle and Kirby make an agreement about what happens after the robbery, and proceed into the supermarket. Doyle forces Jessup to open a safe, but it is empty. He then asks where the money is as they walk towards the cash registers. There, Todd stops him, but Kirby holds a gun to assistant manager Julie’s head.

Outside, Ryan walks over to Todd’s car that Jaime is in and lets her out. While Jaime goes back into the supermarket to get her boyfriend his job back, Ryan walks back to his van to leave, but a flat battery keeps him from leaving.