Deliciously Ella

Initially intended as a personal project, Deliciously Ella (DE) is living proof of how a simple personal blog can become a business, while changing your life and the lives of millions in the process. Ella, author and owner, started small, creating her blog as a part of adopting a plant-based diet. She was determined to create a fully delicious vegan experience with zero compromise on the taste front.

Ella’s flavor- and color-filled diet, has taken here simple food blog to another level: a no.1 smartphone app, “the best-selling ever debut cookbook in the UK”, product lines, a posh London-based deli, and even a podcast. With the help of the DE tasty enterprise, you can have a full wellbeing experience, guiding you in creating all those delicious vegan meals (blog and cookbooks, for a more classical experience), managing your daily stress levels with yoga, creating meal plans and shopping lists (via the phone app and podcast), and even easing your busy schedule and taking those doses of nutritious health with you (if you buy the snacks or frozen products).

And if you find yourself in London, you should pay the Deliciously Elladeli a visit and enjoy the tastiness first hand.

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